About the Author

Vivian Sticca

vivianThe title of this collection of poems is self-explanatory, a mostly dark time in my life I am ready to share.
Three men and a young lady imbue them: my father, my lover, who both died young, and my ex- who didn’t.
Along with my daughter Olivia, the most precious love I have ever known.

For years writing, has been my elixir, my communication with my inner self when I couldn’t articulate the words.
Diagnosed with chronic depression when I was 18, I fight this beast every day, I will not let it beat me.
I’m deeply grateful to the actor/artist Noah Taylor for his poignant, moving and gracious paintings.
To Miele, the man in the Fedora who encouraged me, my gratitude ironically leaves me speechless.
Above all, to my mum, Maria, who has taught me what courage and strength really means.

“I remained too much inside my head and I ended up losing my mind.”
-Edgar Allan Poe-

Also thanks to the kindness of a beautiful soul – Mr Dick Danckert who saw beyond my words, and believed in me

(c) Noah Taylor